DeEnesse DNS Server Suite

DeEnesse DNS Server Suite 2.13

Easily administrate DNS servers


  • Makes DNS server management easy
  • Lots of wizards to take you through setup


  • Not many advanced features for professional networks administrators


DNS Servers are the guidance systems of the internet. Without them, you would be entering IP number for every website instead of the domain names themselves (eg. instead of 123.575.324.85). DeEnesse brings traditional Windows ease of use to the management of a DNS server. Before you begin, note that DeEnesse is not a DNS server though.

It is an integrated suite of tools designed for the simple management of a DNS server and tasks that relate to DNS. What makes this tool standout is the fact if, like me, you have little clue about how DNS really works, it allows you to get up and running with your own server in a matter of minutes. There are plenty of wizards that take you through the setup process and everything is clearly explained.

Your DNS server's data is organised in such a way that it allows you to quickly and easily manage domains through easy to understand dialogs and wizards. At the same time, it checks them along the way to make sure you have created valid entries.

As far as DNS management goes, this is one of the most impressive and user friendly products out there.

DeEnesse DNS Server Suite is a set of applications for DNS servers that work on Windows environments. The DNS service translates the names of internet domains, networks and local numeric addresses. Without them, you need to enter the IP address for each destination, and not just domain names.

So far DNS servers have been one of the most complicated to use in a server. DeEnesse provides management with the integration of multiple tools in a single interface.

DeEnesse DNS Server Suite


DeEnesse DNS Server Suite 2.13

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